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Listening to the Wireless

There are many awesome ways to stream lots of great audio content - two apps that are really useful for Australian radio listeners are:

  • ABC Listen
  • Community Radio Plus

ABC ListenĀ 
This app lets you listen to all ABC radio acrosss the country from local radio in Tasmania to the NT and WA to Queensland - plus podcasts, Radio National, live sports and more. It's completely accessible and free.

Community Radio Plus
Also completely free and filled with awesome content, Community Radio Plus lets you stream over 300 stations from around the country. So from your favourite blues show on RTR on Perth or Radio Therapy on 3RRR Melbourne, this app has you covered.

Find them both in your iOS or Android App Store.

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The new Community Radio+ streaming app

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5 Tricks You May Not Know About Your iPhone

  1. When a call comes in, if you press the Side Button once it silences the ringer, if you double press it, it sends the call off to VoiceMail
  2. A feature called BackTap allows you to perform functions on your phone by tapping the back. For example you can double tap the back to show Control Centre or Triple Tap for the camera. To set it up, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> BackTap. Choose the actions for double tap and triple tap.
  3. In the Mail app, if you do a long tap and hold on the Compose New Mail button, it brings up a list of draft emails
  4. You can scan text into a Note now by going to Notes, creating a new note, choose the Camera icon, select Scan Text and position your phone over the text and wait for it to show a preview. Once you're happy with the preview, tap Insert and the text will be inserted into your note.
  5. You can easily add additional functions to your Control Centre by going to Settings, choosing Control Centre and scrolling down - find options you like and tap the plus icon to add them. Try out Notes, Announce Notifications, Voice Memos, Text Size and the Magnifier.