Be a Pro of Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

There are so many keyboard shortcuts in Pro Tools that looking through the list of them can be quite daunting. Yet they offer a way of being able to drastically improve your performance and efficiency. So here’s a few that you may find useful for editing your podcast, radio documentary, voice-over or other audio production piece. Mac vs. PC:CTRL instead … Read More

11) A Cane Called Wanda

Kitty Barry shares her honest and uplifting reflections of motherhood (she has twin girls), her achievements and very raw experiences of life as a person with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). She chats about the book she’s written – which is leaving a legacy for her twin girls.  Hope you enjoy this edition of the Stories Of You Podcast.    Hear the … Read More

10) About Olivia

This story is about Olivia Penna. Olivia was diagnosed with Stargardt disease at the age of 14. She talks about school. We hear how her family came to terms with her vision impairment. She tells us about university. She talks about raising her daughter Lulu. She’s had some great experiences. She’s also had some challenges.  Tune in to episode 10 … Read More

Get Your First Month Free When Hosting Your Podcast with Libsyn

Yep that sounds suspiciously like an ad. Well if you use the promo code ‘stories‘ when you sign up to Libsyn (which is where I host the Stories of You Podcast) you get your first month free. Actually they give you the remainder of the current month then the next month. So you can try out podcasting for yourself. This … Read More

9) The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune – Geoff’s Story

Geoff is an Educational Psychologist. His story is about his parents and the challenges they had while growing up. It also tells the story of Geoff, why he became a psychologist and how he came to work with students who are vision impaired. Geoff’s story of personal challenges, resilience and his passion to guide others makes for an engaging story. … Read More

Why You Should Be Podcasting … and How

Given the popularity of Podcasting, it is really important that the process of producing and creating content is accessible to everyone. This is what makes and creates exciting and diverse content. The most effective way of engaging with a specific audience is by havering the very people you are targeting actually creating the content. Why should a person who is … Read More

8) The Fashion-Eyesta

Fashioneyesta is a blog, a YouTube channel and a podcast that aim to challenge myths and stereotypes about fashion and disability. In episode 8 of the Stories Of You Podcast – we chat to Emily Davison – about her own experiences of disability and her love for fashion, style and disability. You can check out Emily’s blog here: – … Read More

Basic Training for NVDA – The Audio Version

Well my first ever long-form audio narration for NV Access is now complete, online and available for sale. It’s the Basic Training for NVDA, a 7 hour book all about how to use the free open source Windows based screen reader. So this is the type of thing I do now!  

The Birth of Glen Morrow Consulting Services

So over the weekend I have decided I need to start a business. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and now its finally happened. I wanted to call it Creative Difference, but it seems there are others with similar names doing similar things and that’s not a path I want to go down. So I figure a business … Read More

Another Day, Another Website

My role at the Statewide Vision Resource Centre has (up until recently) been to create online content like video and audio tutorials for our website. It’s also been to teach tech skills to kids in the Support Skills Program – which runs on Fridays. Support Skills is a program that teaches compensatory skills to students who have vision impairments to … Read More