Stories and conversations are the most powerful way for us to connect with each other. Podcasting is an immersive and very personal way we can create content to really engage with people.

Below are some examples of recent (and current) shows I have worked on as a sound engineer and mixer.

A National Changed

A documentary series commissioned by HireUp - all about the history of the National Disability Insurance Scheme here in Australia.

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100 Climate Conversations

Each week during 2022 and 2023 the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney is hosting 100 Climate Conversations. Each week a renowned journalist has a conversation with high profile climate experts.

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Up Next at the Sydney Opera House

An exciting new series looking at who is coming up next at the Sydney Opera House.

As the Sydney Opera House nears its 50th birthday, join host Courtney Ammenhauser as she chats to the people who will define the next 50 years of arts and culture.

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What are you listening to in 2023?

Lots of exciting content coming in 2023 - and if you have any ideas for a podcast, Audiocraft are all ears! Get in touch!