iTunes – I’m apparently New & Noteworthy!

Podcast in New & Noteworthy on iTunes

So yesterday when looking at my stats for the Stories Of You Podcast – I noticed that my downloads had gone up quite substantially. Well for me anyway. I’m now at 544 (at the time of writing this post. Then, upon looking in the iTunes store, I noticed my show had been featured in the New & Noteworthy section. So I’m feeling … Read More

It’s Friday night and I’m … installing WordPress.

I have two website projects happening at present. One is creating a new website for work and the other is creating a new website for my podcast. Both will be done using WordPress. It’s pretty amazing what you can create in a weekend now. I remember back in the day … <speaks in old man voice> ‘when we used to … Read More

Making Mac OS X Easier To See For People With Low Vision

If you have trouble seeing the screen on your Mac, there are adjustments you can make to help increase the size of what is on your screen. Sometimes even just a small adjustment, like changing the size of your mouse pointer slightly, can be really helpful. Recently I worked with someone who was having a lot of trouble seeing their … Read More

Using Text Shortcuts To Make Typing More Efficient in iOS8

Typing on an iOS device can be challenging, especially when you are typing something lengthy. And if there are things you type often, like an address, your name, a web site or email address – then text shortcuts could be a useful way to make your typing more efficient. Check out this video… You can also use text shortcuts in … Read More

Dorothy Hamilton – The Piano Woman

The first episode of the Stories Of You Podcast features a conversation with a woman who has done some pretty outstanding things in her life. As a blind woman, Dorothy Hamilton has raised 4 children, taught at a Melbourne private all-girls school and was the first blind woman in the southern hemisphere to get a music degree. Hear Dorothy’s story … Read More

Interview With A Photographer – Who Is Blind

The latest Stories Of You Podcast features the story of Andrew Follows. A photographer who is blind. Hear his inspirational story and experiences on the latest episode of the podcast.

An Accessible Video Player

Video on the web can be a challenge for some people when it comes to embedded video players that have controls that are only accessible to those who use a mouse. This accessible video player, developed by the American Foundation For The Blind, promises to be accessible and has easy-to-see controls as well as utilising HTML5. Check it out here…