The Birth of Glen Morrow Consulting Services

So over the weekend I have decided I need to start a business. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and now its finally happened. I wanted to call it Creative Difference, but it seems there are others with similar names doing similar things and that’s not a path I want to go down. So I figure a business with my name in the title, seemingly perhaps not that exciting in terms of a name, but descriptive of what I do.

Is it a ‘start up’? Well yes I suppose it is. But my goals for the next month are:

  • Become an NDIS Provider
  • Setup business bank accounts
  • Make my website look more ‘business like’
  • Create a Fiverr profile thingy for some voiceover work

My business will have two main focuses:

  1. Voice over and audio narration work. This will be for corporate promotions, instructional/tutorial audio/video, ads, on-hold and audio book narration.
  2. IT/Computer Training for people with disabilities – including PC and Mac assistive technology as well as iOS assistive technology.

Its probably an odd combination but I love radio/audio and broadcasting – and I love computers, IT and training.

So here’s to Glen Morrow Consulting Services – exciting prospects with perhaps not the most creative name.