Why You Should Be Podcasting … and How

Given the popularity of Podcasting, it is really important that the process of producing and creating content is accessible to everyone. This is what makes and creates exciting and diverse content. The most effective way of engaging with a specific audience is by havering the very people you are targeting actually creating the content.

Why should a person who is blind or vision impaired be a content creator?

Hvae you ever read a blog, watched a YouTube clip or listened to a podcast and thought to yourself ‘hey I could do that!?’

Nothing gives authenticity to a story about disability more than when it’s told by the person who has direct experience. But more so when it’s created, edited and produced by someone with lived experience gives it even more authenticity.

It’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, change attitudes, myths and stereotypes by doing something that challenges stigma around what people think you can and can’t do.

It’s fun! Creating content can be a really rewarding experience. It’s a way of building online communities and when you do something you’re passionate about, people are even more engaged.

You first need a plan. What do you want to do? Is it sustainable? Do you have enough content to create a regular show or channel? Make a pilot! Does it work? Develop a formula, what will happen each episode?

Transom is a not-for-profit organisation in the US who specialise in the art of audio story telling. Their site is a great resource for podcast creators and story tellers. Below is a series on Podcasting Basics – assisting you in 5 main areas of podcast creation. Transom also run story workshops regularly to help people in all aspects of content creation.

Podcasting Basics Part 1: Recording Equipment / Gear

Podcasting Basics Part 2: Software

Podcasting Basics Part 3: Levels and Processing

Podcasting Basics Part 4: Hosting and Distribution

Podcasting Basics Part 5: Loudness in Podcasting vs Radio

Pro Tools

Pro tools is industry standard audio editing software. There is now an option for people who use a screen reader to have access to Pro Tools via a suite called Flo Tools.It does require a Mac running Mac OS X and use makes Pro Tools accessible via VoiceOver.