It’s Friday night and I’m … installing WordPress.

I have two website projects happening at present. One is creating a new website for work and the other is creating a new website for my podcast. Both will be done using WordPress. It’s pretty amazing what you can create in a weekend now. I remember back in the day … <speaks in old man voice> ‘when we used to create websites by hand, using Dreamweaver, or just a text editor’.

Now the biggest decisions are themes, plugins and widgets. And how will the structure work and look.

And the sad thing is I like doing it. Maybe its the sense of achievement when its finished as well as watching something grow as you create it. And I seem to enjoy making content, be it web, or audio or video or even text (like this!). It’s fun and interesting and you are always learning new things.

Anyway as I write this, I’m uploading WordPress via FTP to a server. This will eventually be the new podcast website. The domain for my podcast currently points to Libsyn’s blog page. Which is quite limited in what it can do. I mean what it does it does very well, its just I want more. I want Contact and About pages, widgets, maybe embedded things like the SpeakPipe link you can see on the right on this site.

Anyway I will document my progress here. Exciting huh?