Be a Pro of Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

There are so many keyboard shortcuts in Pro Tools that looking through the list of them can be quite daunting. Yet they offer a way of being able to drastically improve your performance and efficiency.

So here’s a few that you may find useful for editing your podcast, radio documentary, voice-over or other audio production piece.

Mac vs. PC:
CTRL instead of COMMAND
WINDOWS instead of CTRL
ALT instead of OPTION

You can select all clips from the current location to the end of the session by pressing OPTION+SHIFT and clicking on the earliest clip you want to move. Then press OPTION+SHIFT+RETURN to extend the selection to the end of the session. You can then use M , . and / to move the selection or the PLUS and MINUS on the numeric keypad. You do need to make sure you’re in Slip mode to do this.

Turning on Command Focus in the main Edit window allows you to use single key commands to perform lots of useful commands in Pro Tools. pro tools keyboard shortcut to change track height zoom

Turn on Command Focus – press CoMMAND+SHIFT+1
A – in slip mode, trims start of clip to edit cursor
S – trims end of clip to edit cursor position
D – Fades from start of clip into edit cursor position
F – Cross fade
G – Fades from edit cursor out to end of clip
B – Edit point in clip – breaks clip at this point
L – moves edit cursor to start of clip
‘ – moves edit cursor to end of clip
P ; moves cursor up and down through tracks
R and T – Zooms in and out
COMMAND+OPTION+Z – undoes accidental unselection of selection