Another Day, Another Website

My role at the Statewide Vision Resource Centre has (up until recently) been to create online content like video and audio tutorials for our website. It’s also been to teach tech skills to kids in the Support Skills Program – which runs on Fridays. Support Skills is a program that teaches compensatory skills to students who have vision impairments to allow them to function in a world of sighted people.

After discovering that our website (a static HTML site) was too old and out of date to host media content and do dynamic things like event management, newsletter subscriptions and host an online catalogue, it was decided that there needed to be a redevelopment of the site.

So that’s what I’ve been up to of late. 200 pages of static html content, 1800 links, all needing transferring over to a new platform as well as implementing new things like event management.

It’s been a big job, an interesting learning curve and I’m pleased to say the new site’s now online…. – if you want to take a look. Its funny how people were taken by simple things like an online contact form. Someone at the office recently said “wow, people can contact us online now!” – the true test of moving to a more dynamic site is in how much phone traffic the site cuts down.

Now I better get back to making some video and audio content to go on our nice new shiny site.